Our Testimonials

Back in May of this year, after having a stress test, it was discovered that I had a blockage in my right artery. My heart was working at 38% capacity and my breathing was labored. After putting a stent in to open the blockage, I realized that if I wanted to be among the living, I needed to make changes in my eating and exercise habits.

Since May, I have lost just over 45 pounds and three pant sizes. Because of all these lifestyle changes, I feel and function better and I have greater mental acuity. I look great and I am back to being at the top of my game.

Thank you Jodi for all your patience and help.


Thank you for helping me take steps toward better health by introducing me to natural supplements.  The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and essential oils I believe have improved my daily life by reducing my “aches and pains” and have allowed me to reduce my more harmful prescription medications.  Additionally, I have become more aware of the food that goes into my body, and I feel better for it.

The pool of education and information you can provide seems bottomless.  The impact you are having on others who are interested in healthier living is invaluable because I think you understand that each person is at a different place in their interpretation of what that means.

Keep making people aware that there are healthier alternatives out there – and more of us will live to a “ripe old age” to tell about it!

President of Suited To You Fine Men's Clothing Bespoke & Made-to-Measure

Once I was introduced the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle, I will never go back. I, like many people, had no idea the number of toxins that are in our food and how they negatively affect us over the course of our life.

Some of the toxins are put into the food, such as growth hormones, anti-biotics, and some enter into the food through additives to the soil, such as Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide Roundup; Glyphosate has been linked to cancer.

Jodi's coaching helped me to make informed choices about my diet and lifestyle. Since I started eating organic food, drinking Propur filtered water, and using essential oils, I feel better and have greater clarity.  This does not even begin to address the multiple long-term benefits. Additionally, I now take high quality non-GMO dōTERRA supplements to augment key nutrients that my body is deficient in.

Proper Water Filtration & doTERRA Essential Oil User

My wife, Michelle and I, just learned how to “Navigate the Grocery Store” from Jodi Suson, of Suson Essentials. It was striking to me the depth of her knowledge on human health, the human body and the relationship between the food we eat and health and/or disease.  Jodi is an exceptional listener, client focused, and she asked a lot of questions to best understand our needs.

Michelle and I never felt like she was trying to sell us a particular philosophy.  She was simply supporting us in making informed choices about what we eat every day.

Jodi’s energy and passion are contagious, and it is clear that she loves what she does. This showed up during the entire navigation. She shared the possibility of greater health which kept both Michelle and me completely engaged.  She has a true love for people and cares about giving back to others.  Her gift is to positively impact another’s soul, which to me, is priceless.

CEO of Audira Labs

This great lady puts the compassion in compassionate and specialized holistic health and healing. If you are seeking information and answers, I highly recommend Jodi as a person who really knows how to help you as an individual as to what your specific needs are. She has a wealth of information and resources at her fingertips which are truly invaluable. The road to health and healing can be long and hard to navigate. But you can’t do it alone. Jodi has the passion and knowledge that only she can give . She provides guidance and resources that will truly help you on your journey, just like she’s helping me! She’s a one if a kind gem who is a healer and a friend. Thank you, Jodi!!

Functional Food Program Graduate

I've have been using the Propur water filters in our home for over 6 months and absolutely love them! I feel better knowing our water that my family (including the dog) and I are drinking, cooking with, and showering in doesn’t have chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many other toxins in it! I have also noticed a difference in my skin, it is softer and smoother! We will never be without it! I take my Propur water bottle with me everywhere including restaurants!

Propur Water Filtration User

The BEMER is great and has really helped with my significant breathing issues. I placed the B-Pad over my chest for eight minutes and it helps to clear up my congestion.


I tore the meniscus in my knee running and used the B-Pad to heal it, instead of repairing it with surgery. After three-and-half weeks, I was able to run at full speed, without discomfort.

I purchased the kids oil set for my son as a way to help deal with severe tooth pain and dental anxiety between appts. The peppermint “strong” roller oil provided immediate relief when he applied it to his cheek/jawline, and I love how we can take the oils on the go for whatever situation arises.
Maggie M.
I decided to try the BEMER because I was always tired and was experiencing discomfort in my muscles and joints on a regular basis. After the first use, I felt more relaxed and had more energy throughout the day then I've had in months!