Andrew's Story

My focus in the wellness space stems from my Traumatic Brain Injury earlier in life.  The initial recovery period was with traditional methods of therapy. I responded well and settled into my “new normal” which was good, but not without challenges.    

Many years later, troubling symptoms began to present themselves. They showed up as an increasing lack of focus and organization, short-term memory lapses, and the inability to fully understand the needs of others. Physical and emotional challenges kept me from maximizing my full potential.  This incubated my search for new options to improve my wellbeing, including understanding the power of nutrition, food for health, exercises to support brain health, and ways to increase my energy.

These are just some of the reasons why I now share with others the importance of chemical free living and the ease of adopting this lifestyle.  By minimizing my exposure  to chemicals in my food, water, personal care and cleaning supplies, as well as the emotional and physical toxins, my body now functions at a higher level and my life has been transformed.  Making changes like these seemed difficult at the time, but once I took the deep dive, I found it was much easier than what I imagined. Nothing is more important than health, thus, my life mission is to educate people to help them make informed choices and to provide them with access to these solutions.

Chicago Tribune

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