Embrace the Intuitive Soul Within You

Jodi Suson-Calhoun, MBA, Organizational Behavior, uses a multi-modal method to self-healing. Her approach stems from her personal health journey and working with Doctors of Chiropractic, Functional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She reversed 21 chronic conditions, lost 92 pounds by Removing and neutralizing the toxicity from her life, replacing it with nutrient dense foods, filtered water, energy-healing practices, essentials oils.  Her ability to receive source energy magnified by treating her body as a temple.  

What makes Jodi qualified to help you?

– Certified holistic nutritionist, coaching you on the right foods and the finest nutritional supplements, so that your body will function at its best.  
– Certified essentials oils coach, providing healthy alternatives to drug and synthetic chemical-based products that manifest as dis-ease.
– Reiki Master and trained energy healer
– Solution provider who gives you access to the finest and most affordable solutions customized for your health. 
Intuitive Coach, reader and healer


WOW is an UNDERstatement!


What this Professional Energy Healing Sister has done for me is un-freakin-believable!

I have been carrying my deceased sister’s body of energy in my body for almost a year, and I finally learned thru Jodi Suson,

 how to RELEASE IT.  Then it dawned on me that the “ISSUES in my TISSUES go even further back than that! 

My issues go back to my childhood traumas of ABANDONMENT! FEAR! AND LOW SELF WORTH! 


How is that possible? I’ve learned over the years that which we sometimes teach others, is often something we need to learn on a deeper level.

 I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that I’ve learned that despite myself, I am always in learning mode, because ENERGY never dies! It only transfers or transforms into another entity!  I still feel her prescence, but not the horrific pain she carried.  


As I continue this journey of self healing (Because our current SICK CARE SYSTEM does not cater to this understanding, or Doctors too afraid to speak out!) I make it my daily ritual of practicing self love FIRST before my feet hit the floor in the morning.  I am extremely grateful for all the healing modalities I’ve learned including the Healy app, the BAUD (My all time favorite) and the Mat.  Did I mention all the ESSENTIAL oils I now use religiously, as opposed to all the pills we’re prescribed by the Pharmacutical companies that prefer PROFITS over People?


I dare to think where I would be now without her assistance.  I cannot begin to THANK YOU Enough for all that you do in bringing this type of awareness to the public!   I knew I did the right thing by suggesting that you host a talk show on The Female Solution Radio/TV Show! Self-Cell Care is where mind meets body and takes it to a whole new level of comprehension. Now our listeners and viewers get a chance to experience a new way of self healing, not depending on anything outside of ourselves.  We have been blessed with the gift of discernment, and I am honored to be among the living who practice what you have to offer to heal this planet.


Stay on purpose, stay empowered, stay tuned to Self-Cell Care with Jodi Suson of SusonEssentails.com

You can Thank Me later!


ZeldaSpeaks, The Mindfulness/STRESS Relief Facilitator


I called in to the Female Solution Blog Talk Radio Show Self-Cell Care and asked Jodi and Michelle a question directed to my deceased husband who died in 2008.  I wanted him to speak to the wreckage he left the family in due to a deviant personality that possessed him. Both Jodi and Michelle were 100% accurate as they gave their answers and responses. Neither of them knew me or him, but they tuned into his personality and great contributions while alive. I and my family were greatly impressed with the accuracy of their work in channeling Rev. James Luther Bevel, strategist and advisor for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They were simply amazing. – Myeka Edmond Bevel

Take Control of Your Spiritual Health with the Three R's

3 R's Remove Replace Receive

90 – day program


1.    Clear and align chakras
2.    Replace spirit guides as needed
3.    Create protection grids for all your living spaces, especially your physical body
4.    Muscle Testing – Learn how to determine for yourself what is for your highest good
a.   Foods
b.   Supplements
c.    People
d.   Events
5.    Release programmed belief systems that no longer serve you and replace with those that align with your soul.
6.    Establish Healthy Boundaries so your light shines bright
7.    Shift your mindset and fall in love with your best friend…. You!
8.    Health is your divine right.  Define what health can really look like for you… expand those boundaries. 


Three Part Series

We start by determining what your highest values are and focus on those key things.

Then we focus on achieving your goals by implementing the 3R’s.

Remove:  Release, delegate those things that do not fit into your highest values. This will free you up to love your life on your terms.   This will be activities, food, water, people, actions, inactions, traits, behaviors.  These are interferences and distractions that stop you from being your best self.


Replace:  Explore what does fit within your highest values.  What is that exact list?  This will be activities, food, water, people, actions, inactions, traits, behaviors.  It takes 21 days to establish new behaviors.  And, when you are doing only the things that you love, you innately become Unstoppable


Receive:  Receive abundance in those areas of life that you are focused on.  Could be financial love, joy, spiritual abundance.  You choose YOU, You BE you.  You are now being guided by spirit and your higher self.

You are now receiving guidance from the highest source and you live life on your terms, not based upon someone elses expectation of how you should BE, ACT or DO.  Congratulations!  You Made it.

How it works


6  x 90 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled bi-weekly.

1 Healy* Aura reading prior to coaching

3 Recorded Intuitive Card Readings – one per section

2 Distant Energy Healing Sessions

24 Healy Sessions* – Customized Healing Sessions – 8 per section

1 Healy Aura Reading 4 weeks after completion of the program.

1 – Journal


*Healy is a portable distance healing device that uses micro-current frequency and micro-current programs to boost your health, vitality and wellbeing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.  

Healy analyzes specific frequencies in the body that cause bioenergetic imbalance.  It then delivers specific frequencies to the body to adjust to a more harmonized bioenergetic balanceSeries

Invest in Yourself Today

Three Ways To Pay

Pay in

Two Payments

Three Payments

1 Payment of $3750

Bonus for upfront Payment is 1 x 60 minute private coaching Session within 1 month after program end date. 

2 Payments of $2022
A Total of $4044
3  Payments of $1407
A Total of $4221