Focused Life-Force Energy includes 20+ features and a high-consciousness environment. 

The FLFE service is sent using a quantum association, so there’s no device and no app to mange! Much like when you think of a friend and they call, FLFE uses quantum association to deliver thousands of positive affirmations 24/7.

Backed by world-class scientific research, you can truly FEEL the wave of energy.

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Before I started using FLFE my Bell Peppers were not growing very well on my Tower Garden.  As you can see, they are even wrinkled.  The township recently installed 5G.  So, I can only assume….. but look for yourself at the next photo. 

After 4 weeks of using FLFE at my home,  my Bell Peppers are growing larger, they taste awesome and my plants are just HAPPY Plants.  I am so grateful for this amazing service.  

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Green Bell Pepper