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Love to shop? Why not earn on what you do?

How many times in your life have you recommended a product or service to a friend but never received a penny for it? Times are changing! You can now earn on every referral you make for the rest of your life every time that person buys that item.

A NewAge of Social Selling is here

What if there was a better way to monetize your social media following and leverage other people’s social media following by shopping and sharing it with your friends. Would you be interested in learning more?

Kwikclick’s patented “Waves” technology allows you to get paid on the full depth of your reach. When a you share your unique link with your circle, they are rewarded Kwikcash for every sale made. New customers can then activate their own link and begin sharing. Each sale made from these new links will reward the original sharer, as well as the new sharer, creating a pattern of sharing and earning!


Kwikclick’s patented “Waves” technology gives you the opportunity to earn on every purchase that you either directly or indirectly influence. When someone purchases from your Kwiklink, they can now become sharers as well. Each purchase made from their link will reward both of you Kwikcash. The potential for earning is unmatched.

Leverage More & Earn Twice

NewAge & KwikClick have partnered together to better leverage each other. Being a NewAge Partner allows you to get paid a second time on your KwikClick campaigns. Why not earn twice on the same activity? See How it works to learn more.

How It Works


  • Purchase items on Kwikclick using unique codes from friends and influencers to get access to special promotions
  • Shop for new and familiar brands on the Kwikclick marketplace
  • Use one of 5 different payment methods, or buy products using your Kwikcash balance


  • With each purchase you will receive your own unique Kwiklink that you can share with friends, family, or your following
  • Share your links via text, social media, or the Kwikclick social feed
  • Many links will include special discounts that can only be found on Kwikclick


  • Each item sold on Kwikclick has a corresponding Kwikcash value
  • Each new purchase made from one of your Kwiklinks will reward you with the Kwikcash value of that product to your Kwikclick account
  • When someone purchases from your Kwiklink, they can now become sharers as well
  • Each purchase made from their link will reward both of you Kwikcash (they earn the full Kwikcash value, and you earn ½)
  • You continue to get paid for each purchase made, with the Kwikcash value halving for each “Wave”, the earning potential is unlimited!

Waves & Leverage

Through KwikClick you’ll get paid in Waves. Referrals will be cut in half for each wave until you get to a penny.

$10 can be cut in half 9 times so you’ll have a total of 9 waves you’ll get paid on.

If you are also partnered with NewAge, you’ll will get paid on that activity a second time. Accumulate volume on all sales including those beyond wave 9.

Hypothetical Example: Assuming consumable item selling for $80; Paying out a $20 commission. $10 will be paid through KwikClick and will have 9 WAVES and $10 will be accumulated as volume to NewAge Partners which will get paid 15% on that Volume. We’ll use the power of 5 as your average American has 250 followers and average engagement is 2% which puts us a 5 people each.