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Corporate leadership

Tracey L. Cantarutti, PhD, MIM

President and Founder of TLC Leadership Options
“Leadership requires so much more than being great at ‘doing the work’. Becoming the best lawyer or one of the most knowledgeable engineers may be what initially captures management’s attention to consider someone for a leadership role. Becoming a great leader, however, requires long-term vision, strategic thinking, and the ability to understand the subtle interplay between emotions and actions.”

Tracey began her career at Motorola in product marketing before moving to Ernst & Young in strategy and marketing consulting. Returning to the corporate world several years later in business development strategy and global marketing roles, Tracey found helping team members grow, reach career goals, and realize their full potential as leaders was the work she found most rewarding.

“In much of my corporate work, I helped senior executives to see things differently, whether through strategic thinking or the cultural/ social awareness I used to present alternative views of a situation or business decision.”

After completing her PhD in Organizational Development, Tracey began her second career with the founding of TLC Leadership Options in 2005. As an executive coach and leadership development consultant, she has coached senior executives all over the world in a variety of industries including health care, packaging, high technology, chemicals and financial services.

“Using an emotional intelligence framework, I work with individuals and teams to help them become more self-aware as well as to build effective relationships. This, in turn, creates more options for success. I am results-oriented and passionate about my work, and have a track record of motivating individuals and project teams to succeed.”