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Saturday January 21 – 3 Hour Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing Class (In Person and Online)


This 3 hour session works with present life traumas, past life traumas, and healing the wounds that you have emotionally, physically and spiritually. We have all been impacted by life and feel hurt at times.  We will peel those layers, shift the energy and create new beginnings. We will bring the 3 bodies back into balance and alignment…physical, emotional and spiritual so you can express the best version of you.

Suson Essentials and Keys To Freedom presents a 3-hour sessions of Spiritual Energy Healing. We will focus on the following areas:

●  Past life traumas/ Akashic Records

●  Cleansing of chakras and auras

●  Spiritual Readings

●  Spiritual Healings

●  Spiritual Protection

●  Inner healing/Shadow Work

●  Emotional Healing

●  Erasing Timelines

●  Frequency Healing

Rev. Jodi L. Suson-Calhoun, Andrew Calhoun, and Dr.Debbie Green, with over 20 years of experience will be your spiritual advisors for this spectacular event. Join in -person or virtually.  This will be an experience to remember. Don’t miss your time to receive your freedom and peace of mind.

Saturday January 21, 2023 | 2pm – 5pm – We will start on time

Location:  4044 George Busbee Parkway NW, Kennesaw GA. 30144

Virtual: Link to come

You will be required to sign a confidentially agreement. 


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