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Nimbus – Wearable PEMF Device My Husband and I each have one and love how we feel…energized, balanced and focused. BOOST AEROBIC PERFORMANCE. Your red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout your entire body. When red blood cells have the proper energy, they naturally separate, exposing more cell surface area to carry more oxygen. This is why top professional and Olympic bound athletes use the CM2 BAND every day. It’s the new safe boost that’s like “Legal doping” for performance and healing. NATURAL & REAL ENERGY. Real energy comes from your cells generating ATP within the mitochondria. More available oxygen and nutrition means more REAL energy for all life and activity. This is science and you. IMPROVED CIRCULATION. When RBC are separated properly or free suspended, the 100,000 miles of capillaries in your body efficiently receive more nutrition and oxygen and remove waste. This is boosted natural performance, health and wellness. FASTER RECOVERY. Your next work out is improved if you have a swift recovery. Swelling and soreness is reduced when your cells are being nourished with more oxygen and nutrition while removing waste. MENTAL FOCUS. More oxygen means more mental clarity.

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