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Overcoming 38 years of Anxiety in Three Sessions

Using sound frequency to reverse PTSD.

Author: Andrew T. Calhoun, President , Suson Essentials

Ever since I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) when I was 16 years old, I’ve always been a bit on edge, either when driving or being a passenger in a car. These feelings were almost unconscious, as they were just my “normal”. I would get triggered when merging onto a busy road or driving closely past another car. It was not really a fear of an accident, but more of a resonance of uneasiness. 

It was only when I was riding as a passenger with my business partner, that I really understood the impact I was making on others in the car. She helped me to understand that I often would show and verbalize my anxiety and one might even say it was disruptive. I never realized how the car accident I had when I was a teenager was impacting my day-to-day life, 38 years later.  I was in a constant state of stress when driving in a car as a passenger and did not even know it.  That state of “being”  was my “new normal”. My partner offered a possible solution, the Bio Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) which uses sound frequency to support the release of stress that activates and drives negative habit patterns and reactions. 

Using the BAUD in the Car

I put the BAUD headphones on and dialed into the right frequency and “tuned into” the source of my stress (very easy to do).  While my partner drove the car through the West Virginia Mountains, I took out a note pad and began to spew thoughts on paper.  This is part of the process of reversing my reactions and triggers to riding as a passenger in the car. 

3/9/2020 Session One Notes Abbreviated (approximately 20 minutes):  I feel nervous, I don’t feel safe, I feel jumpy like I want to vomit. My neck is tight and sore.  I feel apprehensive about upcoming turns.  Now I feel relief as we approach the bottom of the mountains. Still going down the mountain… a little nervous about the cars and trucks around me. 

3/9/2020 Session Two Notes Abbreviated (Approximately 20 minutes):  We are driving through the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. I am riding as a passenger.  Going up and down hills and around curves with many semi-trucks and fast-moving cars.  Change happens.  I feel relieved at this point with a new feeling of calm. It feels a bit unnatural because I am usually on edge.  I usually expect there may be an incident just around the corner. This keeps me uneasy and on edge. Like an underlying nervousness.  Now that sensation is not present. I am more grounded and more at ease. This has made a big impact on my restfulness and has brought me to a calmer state of mind. 

3/10/2020 Session Three Notes Abbreviated (Approximately 10 minutes):   My stomach is upset leaving Jean’s house.  Driving down the narrow, winding, dirt, unpaved road.  Calming more as we progress. More secure on the paved road.  Disappointed that I did not take out more money before the market crashed. (note:totally normal to have thoughts move from one stressor to another

In summary, what was normal for everyone else, passing cars, large speeding semi-trucks, winding roads, quick stops, all created agitation for me. After only two sessions, that lasted about 40 minutes, my anxiety related to driving dissipated. It was as if the triggers had been neutralized. After the third 10-minute session the following day,  I was relieved with a new feeling of calm that has remained ever since. Using the BAUD gave me a newfound freedom to focus on what was important to me instead of trying to control someone else’s driving.  My fear was real.  It was valid.  But it had no place running part of my life. 

I feel like other people can benefit from this device, because it is so easy to use and you can let go of the past stressors and replace it with peace and joy. I’ve since discovered that the BAUD is a form of neuroplasticity or reorganizing synaptic connections. I guess you could say that I basically re-wired my brain to get back to the state of calm it had so many years ago. I have since used the BAUD to help me in other ways as well. 

Thank you BAUD

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Andrew Calhoun Reverse’s PTSD using the BAUD


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