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Energy Healing

Take Control of Your Spiritual Health: Remove What Does Not Serve You, Replace With Those Things That Fuel Your Soul, and Receive the Light of God.

Embrace the Intuitive Soul Within You.

144000 ways to heal remotely
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144000 ways to heal remotely
144000 ways to heal remotely
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144000 ways to heal remotely
144000 ways to heal remotely
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After being mis-diagnosed for nearly 2 decades and disabled for almost 4 years, Rev. Jodi learned the truth about our food and water supply and how it impacted her emotional health.

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144000 ways to heal remotely
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Your Health. Your Wellness. Emotional Physical and spiritual health

Your Health. Your Wellness.

In Your Hands.

Have you heard of toxic wellbeing? Neither have we. Let Suson Essentials help you rid your life of toxins and create a step-by-step plan to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Together we can pinpoint your personal inflammation triggers, devise a mindful approach to nutrition, and set you on a path to restoration. Lifting your health to new heights begins with a free consultation.

Workplace Wellness Works.


Creating a workspace that fosters the health and happiness of each and every worker is not progressive or edgy. It’s smart. There are simple ways to promote the wellbeing of the people whose work powers your company. What benefits them will benefit you. Let us show you the evidence. Then let us show you how.

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Why Suson Essentials?

Suson Essentials offers decades of combined experience in customized wellness and leadership solutions. Jodi Suson founded the company and engaged a team of trusted partners after learning the critical value of proactive self-care during her own remarkable personal health journey. Every product and service offered by Suson Essentials was pivotal to Jodi’s own revitalization. From comprehensive blood analyses and nutrient-dense food sources to premier Essential Oils, and cutting-edge energy based tools for managing PTSD, anxiety, and other obstacles to wellness.

Mission & Vision Statement

Suson Essentials “Leads You To Wellness” by mapping out your personal or corporate path of health through comprehensive testing, sourcing the purest food and nutrition, staying at the forefront of holistic health technology, and connecting you to practitioners, leaders and coaches to support your life journey. We believe in strong family relationships (personal and corporate) which is what you create when you choose transparency, respect, integrity, health, and sustainability. We are re-engineering what health looks like by leading you to the best wellness initiatives in the world and bundling them to create a new paradigm of health.

Suson Essentials Key Values


Suson Essentials will do the right thing for you in a reliable way. We know no one person is perfect, but the Suson Essentials Team will always rise up, take the high road and serve the highest good.


The road to health should always be transparent. At its core, Suson Essentials defines this as how we communicate information to each other internally, as well as to external partners and clients. Ultimately, we aspire that transparency be practiced by every member of our organization including partners. We focus on fostering a collaborative environment and mutual respect, where everyone is a valuable contributor regardless of title.


We are stewards of our planet. That means we take pride and care in nurturing mother earth. We learn daily how we can always do a better job to sustain the earth, it’s atmosphere, the animals, insects, fish and humans that all make living well a possibility.

Compassion for the Human Spirit

Our inner light “spirit” is what drives us to achieve more tomorrow than we did today. We aim to raise the consciousness of the planet, eliminate self-doubt and limiting beliefs. We focus on lifting people up. We ask the hard questions, so people become more self-aware. In the end, they lift themselves higher along with others, to a level they may not have imagined today. This mindset leads to giving grace and compassion for our fellow humans.

What makes Suson Essentials Different?

At Suson Essentials, we serve your agenda. All plans are customized to meet the needs of you and/or your corporation. We innovate and offer the most comprehensive best practices to achieve optimal personal and population health. We connect you to what you need when you need it. Let’s get started understanding what makes you different today.

Benefit From Jodi’s Health Journey

Read more about Jodi's incredible story!

Rev. Jodi Suson-Calhoun Headshot.jpg

Jodi Suson – Calhoun Founder

MBA, Organizational behavior, Amen Clinics Brain Health Professional, Mindset Coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Amazon Best Selling Author, “Informed Choices”, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Essential Oil Coach, NLP Certified, EDS Technician, Light Therapist, Sound Therapist, Rife Therapist,  Medical Intuitive, Frequency Specialist, Quantum Energy Healer (DISR), Podcast Host Self-Cell Care, Steward Of The Earth, Motivational Speaker 

A Word From

Jodi Suson

After nearly two decades struggling with my health, being misdiagnosed, and over medicated, I reversed over 18 conditions and lost 92 pounds. I accomplished this by using a blend of different holistic modalities; Food Sensitivity Blood Testing, Nutrient Deficiency Testing, Supplements, Acupuncture, Transcendental Meditation, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic Care, Chemical Free whole foods, dōTERRA Essential Oils (which means the gift of the earth), the BAUD (neuroplasticity), EMDR , PEMF, EMF neutralizers, Toxic Free Water and more. From this journey and extensive research and studies, the Suson Essentials team is able to lead others to wellness.

Life is a never-ending journey of learning to eliminate and neutralize the toxicity that we are exposed to daily.

This transformational period in my life, drove me to intimately understand that the “Power that made the body heals the body” – BJ Palmer – founder of Chiropractic.

It is my life’s mission to share my experiences and knowledge to help others on their own health journey so that they too can make informed choices about their wellbeing. I authored my story “Informed Choices” in the book “Overcoming Mediocrity” which you can access here: Get Jodi’s story in the Amazon Best Selling Book Here.

In the end, my wish for you, is that all your choices, be Informed Choices. Today I educate the community on the power you have when you adopt these lifestyle choices. #informedchoices