TM Study: Depression

Effects of behavioral stress reduction Transcendental Meditation intervention in persons with HIV


Stress is implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of HIV. The Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a behavioral stress reduction program that incorporates mind–body approach and has demonstrated effectiveness in improving outcomes via stress reduction. We evaluated the feasibility of implementing TM and its effects on outcomes in persons with HIV. In this community-based single blinded Phase-I, randomized controlled trial, outcomes (psychological and physiological stress, immune activation, generic and HIV-specific health-related quality of life, depression and quality of well-being) were assessed at baseline and at six months, and were compared using parametric and nonparametric tests. Twenty-two persons with HIV were equally randomized to TM intervention or healthy eating (HE) education control group. Retention was 100% in TM group and 91% in HE control group. The TM group exhibited significant improvement in vitality. Significant between group differences were observed for generic and HIV-specific health-related quality of life. Small sample size may possibly limit the ability to observe significant differences in some outcomes. TM stress reduction intervention in community dwelling adults with HIV is viable and can enhance health-related quality of life. Further research with large sample and longer follow-up is needed to validate our results.

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