Ditching My Bra’s In Honor of my 58th Birthday… A New Level of Health Why?

No More Bra's for Jodi

Most of us women wear our bras too tight.  It all has to do with the cultural practice of wearing bras and not being fitted properly.  However, as I have grown wiser, I learned that wearing any bra will negatively effect the circulation within the breasts. Read the article that would link bras to breast disease and cancer? It has to do with the effect of bras on breast circulation, specifically the effect of bras on the lymphatic system.

No More Bra's for Jodi
No More Bra’s for Jodi

Since 2011, after I had breast reduction surgery, I started to slowly veer away from bras.  First, I lost the underwire. That helped until I gained wait and the bras were so tight that I had all sorts of pain in my shoulders, levator scapulae, under arms and more.

You may ask, what do you do to keep the “girls” in place?  A tank top.  That’s what.  My body thanks me everyday for the gift of health.

Just a little “Birthday Hint” for your own personal health.  If you are a man reading this, please pass this message on to the women in your life.

Be Blessed, Have Peace!

Jodi Suson


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