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Did You Know That Your Tap & Shower Water Could be Making You Sick?

Shower Water

How Do You Feel After Showering?

After taking a shower is your skin left dry and itchy? Does your tap and shower water smell like chlorine? These small signs can be an indication that your water has “stuff” in it that you may not want to put in your body.

Also, studies found drinking tap water which carries disinfection byproducts increases Trihalomethanes (cancer-causing contaminants) are over the legal limit.  What are the levels in your water?  Check out this link here 


 In the USA tap water is above the Trihalomethanes guidelines with over 291 million people who might develop liver, kidney and intestinal tumors due to tap water ingestion. Really, I don’t think we really know the full effects of the water we are drinking and showering in. However, I do know that I am no longer willing to be a case study for others to find out.  To read more studies click here.

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Personal Story That Made Me Pivot

In October 2011, I had a full hysterectomy to remove all the tumors attached to my female organs.  I was not taking care of my health. I was so sick that I was forced to take action and do things differently.  Don’t let this happen to you. I believe that toxins in my water and food supply heavily contributed to my illnesses. Read /Listen to my personal story and download for free. 

Read about the EWG Standards for drinking water contaminants. 

Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ – Don’t Be The Filter
Don’t be in denial. Your skin is your largest organ.  A 10-minute shower has your body filtering 20 – 25 gallons of water.  That means every organ tissue and cell in your body has to filter pesticides, disinfectants, hormones, prescription drugs that are all in the water supply.   Give your body, your children’s body and your pets a chance to thrive and fuel it with the best water.

Drinkling Water

How much Water Should I drink?

Dr. Josh Axe recommends that we target to drink 25% – 50% of our body weight in ounces of water.  But this is really hard to do when the water tastes “icky” – that is a technical term.  How easy it would it be to accomplish this if your water tasted good and was toxic free?  What if it was so good that you could not wait to drink more?  When I became disabled in 2013, (reclaimed my health by 2017) the first thing that I did was filter my tap and shower water – I wanted my health back.  I did not want to ingest the medications and other toxins that are in my water supply.  I felt like I was being medicated against my consent.  How do you feel about that drinking water laden with drugs?

We Have A Solution for Every Home

Clean Water Which Is Our Divine Right – Easy Steps to Take

Suson Essentials believes that the best way to help the earth and your family is by using one of the ProOne filter options.  They are cost effective and easy to install. I bought my first one in 2014 and installed it myself when I was disabled… you can too! Read /Listen to my personal story and download for free. 

Adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. ProOne has a solution for the whole house, dorm, apartment living, camping and on the go.  ProOne water filter is the filter of choice if you’re looking for a water filter that removes 200+ containments and leaves in the minerals.  (hint: most of us are mineral deficient) 

The lab test shows that it removes 99% of lead, Glyphosate, PCB’s, Bentazom…the list is long. See the full result list here. 

By using the ProOne filters, you take out the bad taste, toxins and odor, leaving you with all the goodness that fresh water has to offer! Clean water is our divine right.

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Contributing Author: Victoria Sager

Editor Jodi Suson


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