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BAUD – Bio Acoustical Utilization Device


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Free digital “Quick Start Guide” and “Manual” and “Accountability Checklist” with Purchase. Click Here to download. Free Video Training. Paid training available virtually and in person. The BAUD has shown effective symptom reduction on 3 main types of problems: Emotional issues, from severe phobias and PTSD to everyday anxieties. Conquer the Fear of Flying Cravings or urges: food cravings, substance abuse, unwanted urges of all types. Ask Dr. Phil! Chronic pain of all types. Learn how to manage and destroy chronic pain. It is strongly recommended that the buyer coordinate the initial use of the BAUD with a health care professional as an adjunct to learn to regulate one’s brainwave levels. This extra effort will provide objective feedback to the buyer/user illustrating it’s impact. This can be done via a zoom meeting NEW we added a Carrying Case! A knobby stonewashed canvas zipper pouch featuring textured woven cotton design with raised “Hello” sentiment interwoven on front. NEW! Over the Ears super comfy and safe Headphones in Blue for use with your BAUD. The Ever Win headphones feature parental control that allows you to adjust and set the maximum volume. Fully compatible with all 3.5mm audio outputs. The lightweight, adjustable design is perfect for everyone. Headphones are built with high-quality sturdy plastic for durability. Measures approximately 6″x5.80″x2.5″. Because of shipping constraints: Batteries are not included. You will need two AA batteries. If you want to order five (5) or more units, please contact us at 847-738-0242 as we have volume discounts.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with this unit, Suson Essentials will refund your money as follows: Within thirty days, contact Suson Essentials with your concerns, and request a return authorization number via email Acquire a statement from a certified health care professional that you have used the BAUD in one session. Please include a written explanation for the dissatisfaction. You will be provided a return address. Deliver or mail the unit and the headphones in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection. There will be a 30 % restocking fee. We are permitted to change these terms without notice.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 3 in


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