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Place of Peace


Place Of Peace P.O.P Pop Up  – 20 minute Session IMAGINE THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF 20 MINUTES OF REJUVENATION & SELF-CELL CARE© What if you could give yourself, your home, your event attendees or employees a place to decompress for 20 minutes a day —a Place of Peace. What would be the benefit to you, your family, the event organizer, the employer, the employee, and the clients you serve? Benefits? Think about . . .  Greater Focus & Mental Acuity Content Retention Higher Energy & Less Stress Increased Productivity & Connectivity Attendee/Talent Acquisition Tool Event/Employee Retention Tool Why offer? Think about . . .  Having a place to go for a few minutes to decompress and reflect Rejuvenating — take on the rest of the day with vigor and intention


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