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BIO Acoustical Utilization Device

Explore the Power of Precision Sound Healing

Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device Sound Healing

What symptoms has the BAUD been effective with? 

People have experienced reduction on 3 main types of problems:Emotional issues: from severe phobias and PTSD to everyday anxieties. Conquer the Fear of Flying

Cravings or urges: food cravings, substance abuse, unwanted urges of all types. 

Resetting the Fear Switch in PTSD: A unique method of Reconsolidation Enhancement by Stimulation of Emotional Triggers (RESET Therapy) is described here, which combines neuroacoustical stimulation with patient recall of traumatic memories. The therapy goal is to reset emotional memory circuits to pre-trauma levels during the reconsolidation experience. See the article.

The Baud Has Supported me  with PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, addictions, allergies and food sensitivities – You Can Reset the Switch – Jodi Suson, CEO, Suson Essentials 


Listen To Experts

Testimony from Dr. Frank Lawlis

Dr. Frank Lawlis

I want to congratulate Jodi Suson for her achievements as a modern-day Shaman who has used her brilliance in her use of aromas, nutrition knowledge, and her BAUD skills for the health of our nation. She is among the very best in using her intuitive wisdom to solve the most mysterious of diseases.  – Dr. Frank Lawlis 

Dr. Frank Lawlis is a nationally renowned psychologist who has focused his work on applying PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) to a variety of treatments and healing programs. He is an American Psychological Association Fellow who has worked with five medical schools and six universities

Can Sound Healing Help With Sadness?

Is Sound Healing A Tool for Appetite Control & Addictions To Sugar ?

Releasing The Feeling of Being Unlovable

Zelda Robinson aka ZeldaSpeaks of the Higher Learning Network shares her story and how she has used the BAUD to unravel the traumas of her childhood.  She is my transformation Soul SisTar! 

what are people saying about the BAUD?

Reversing PTSD After 38 years

Andrew Calhoun shares his victory over his traumatic brain injury after a car accident – 38 years later using the BAUD.  

The BAUD is based upon Reconsolidation Theory.  The psychological symptoms we struggle with are represented by over-excited neural pathways in the brain that are activated any time we feel emotional pain. Reconsolidation Theory states that when these pathways are activated, typically by an environmental event or even simply by thinking about the issue, there is the possibility for them to be rebuilt.

Reversing Addictions with the BAUD Frequency Healing 

Matt Ortlund shares his triumph over vape nicotine addiction using the BAUD. 

A client who is suffering from addiction, and others issues that we all have from time to time…anxiety or depression, stress, will highly benefit from the BAUD. 

During the session, you get to find a comfortable place to sit and put on a pair of earphones. This is all about self-care.  So, people can do this on their own or they can ask for the support of a coach at Suson Essentials.  While wearing the BAUD, they can either think or write about what makes them nervous, anxious or depressed, which can be the feelings that lead up to drug, alcohol, nicotine or food abuse.  This is most effective when people stay heart centered. 

The BAUD delivers sound waves based upon drumming which puts the brain in a theta state. One frequency intensifies the feelings, while the other frequency disrupts them. This allows the you to reset the neural network of the brain and set it back to baseline,.  You will be less symptomatic meaning that your will respond to situations instead of reacting and being triggered by situations. 


Multi-Modal Approach with BAUD

Athletes of all ages can reclaim their health and get back to working out  faster than before.  Created by Suson Essentials and coined Athletic Rejuvenation . The process includes the BAUD, The HEALY, The BEMER and 3 specific oil blends applied in a specific order. Listen to this story of using frequency medicine and the power of nutrition. 

Dr. Frank Lawlis Teaches How To Use The BAUD
The BAUD is a neuro-modulation device that works through neuro-acoustic stimulation. The patented technology uses specially designed sound frequencies and waveforms to stimulate neural plasticity in the brain. Plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change physically and chemically.The neuro-modulation device works through neuro- acoustic stimulation to help people cope with intense emotions, impulses and physical symptoms including pain. It is also effective for weight loss, acute pain, smoking Cessation, reducing anxiety, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, anger management.

Reset Your Pathways| BAUD

The Place of Peace, created by Suson Essentials brings together the BAUD, PEMF, 432hz music and oils to allow the body to heal itself.  Our bodies are master healing machines.  Give it what it needs and soar like an eagle. Listen to Sarah Christ’sstory after she had surgery. 

Releasing Cellular Memories with The BAUD – Just Like A Muscle Memory!

Thank you to Mike Stapleton for sharing how the BAUD helped him in less than 10- minutes for concerns that he had. You too can help yourself. We can all get stiff or achy after a golf game, sleeping in an awkward position, a hard workout and using sound frequency is as easy as 1 -2-3. Mike used the frequency setting the Frequency Knob at 2 and the Disruptor Knob at 2. Great setting for both physical and emotional traumas. #selfcare


The BAUD Feels Like a Brain Massage #RESET

Carly Rose Bergman says “The BAUD feels like a brain massage” . How cool is that? Carly shares about how grateful she is for using the BAUD to let her body heal traumas. Our bodies are master healing machines.  When we fuel our bodies with what it needs, healthy frequencies,  water and food free of chemicals life is different than we experience it today.  Thank you Carly Rose!  I am so blessed to know you and have you be part of my life. 

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