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Dr. Michelle Kukla Psy.D

“As people are on their wellness journey it is really important to consider their relationship with food.

As a mental health expert for over 15 years I have recognized that nutrition is a key ingredient in promoting both physical and emotional health. There is a plethora of studies demonstrating the importance of nutrition in helping to improve brain and gut function as well as focus and attention in addition to decreasing anxiety and depression Jodi Suson is a wealth of knowledge who has carefully developed a map to help people achieve health benefits through her Functional Food Plan!  For anyone that wants to maximize their wellness her Functional Food Plan is the place to land!!”

Dr. Michelle Kukla Psy.D

Steve Spencer
Dr. Stephen Spencer​
Pro Touch Rehabilitation

“The Functional Food Program from Jodi at Suson Essentials is a solid complete holistic program designed to heal deep into the Metaphysical realm beyond the veil of consciousness.

The program works! Jodi was disabled for 3.5 years and had over 135 chemical and food sensitivities. Through the education of food elimination, herbal medicine, awareness of bad programming in the subconscious, and proper food selection you can run the same path achieving your ultimate health.

What is healthy for one individual is toxic to another. Yes, even common foods like spinach, broccoli, or apples can be harmful. Stabilize your blood sugar, improve detoxification, clear senescent cells, improve digestion, and balance your mood while you shed the <sad> Standard American Diet that leads to the sick care system.

You will learn not just to eat well but be able to fish on your own escaping the scary chemical names on the back of those food labels manipulated for corporate greed.”

Dr. Stephen Spencer, Pro Touch Rehabilitation

Sleigh Family Chiropractic
Drs. Quintin & Katie Sleigh
Sleigh Family Chiropractic

“As chiropractors who focus on a wellness lifestyle, we love the philosophy behind the Functional Food Program! It’s not about dieting but rather about making truly healthy food choices that support the body. We have known Jodi Suson for years and we know all the education and research that is behind the program she has developed. We highly recommend it!”

Drs. Quintin & Katie Sleigh, Sleigh Family Chiropractic

Sleigh Family Chiropractic Logo
Stephen Kohler
Stephen Kohler, CEO AUDIRA LABS

Striking … depth of knowledge. I never felt like she was trying to sell us a particular philosophy… simply supporting us in making informed choices about what we eat.

Stephen Kohler, CEO AUDIRA LABS

Dr. Tracey Cantarutti
Dr. Tracey Cantarutti, Ph.D

Jodi Suson is a functional food expert whose knowledge is both broad and deep.  I participated in her 8 week functional food program and with what I learned and Jodi’s support, I changed the way I eat.  Jodi teaches many important things such as how to lower sugar intake; the benefits of healthy fats; and how to buy clean food, free from pesticides and additives.  She can also help you learn how to how to use food and natural products to improve your health.  I lost weight and feel energized thanks to Jodi’s support.

Dr. Tracey Cantarutti , Ph.D

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Dr. J. R. Heiz
Dr. J.R. Heiz, PhD, LAc, MSOM, ABS, BS

We are what we eat is not just a saying.  It is our reality.  This functional food program is an easy and clean way of adjusting your eating habits to resonate best with your individual nutritional needs.  I highly recommend this program for whomever is ready and willing to make the necessary adjustments for their optimal health and performance.

Dr. J.R. Heiz, JourneyWerks, Be Optimal


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