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Brain Health Smoothie Recipe

Ok Happy People!

Get your favorite blender out and lets start blending!

This Recipe is enough for 2 people , You can cut the recipe in ½ for 1 person
This is so easy!  Add all the ingredients into the blender.  Press the button to blend on high.  When it looks like it is the consistency that you want, pour you and your mate a glass and enjoy.  Be prepared to have a lot of energy, vitality and mental acuity.  Your brain will love you too! 
1) 2 Heaping Tablespoons of NuttZo Keto Nut Butter, Seven Nuts & Seeds, 26 Ounce (Available at Costco, Amazon)
Tip: A pooled analysis of studies on nut consumption, cholesterol levels, and risk of death from heart disease show extraordinary benefits, suggesting we should eat nuts every day.
2) 10 – 15 frozen organic cherries
Tip: Cherries are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds., may improve benefits of arthritis and gout. 
3) 1-2 organic bananas (reduce or omit if you have diabetes)
Tip: Bananas contain serotonin which is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood and feelings of wellbeing and happiness. 
4) 12 ounces Elmhurst 1925 Nut Milk
Tip:  I choose Walnut Milk for Brain health, Cashew milk for reduced stress, Oat Milk if you have high histamine levels)
Unsweetened Nut Milk – Only 2 Ingredients and one is filtered water.
5) 2 scoops Neuro Greens Superfood – Brain MD
This scientifically designed greens – and multi-colored fruits, vegetables, algae, mushrooms, and fiber – formula features a diversity of superfoods proven to benefit the brain, immune system, and entire body
Variations:  Add 1 tablespoon Organic Cocoa Powder 



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