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Shungite for Healing Energy Protection Pillows

Mood Swings
  The Hard Core Truth! We all use electronic devices daily. We are always on the phone, we watch TV, and use computers because they make our lives more convenient. Some of us still use microwaves, if you do, check it out, not such a good idea anymore.  I gave my microwave away in 2016. Many of us do not know that all these devices stream invisible harmful waves called electromagnetic radiation, which creates Electromagnetic Fields or EMF.  The modern 5G technology also emits harmful waves, which are called millimeter waves or MMW, which is even more damaging than EMF. EMF causes mood swings, headaches, weakened immune system, sleep disorders and even eyesight problems.
Mood Swings
EMF causes mood swings, headaches, weakened immune system, sleep disorders and even eyesight problems.
There is also another kind of electromagnetic radiation: the electromagnetic field of the Earth is imbalanced in some places, which causes geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is a relatively new term that covers the relationship between earth energies and people’s well-being. Such zones are especially dangerous for children because they are extra sensitive to harmful radiation. I am one of those people, I refer to myself as the canary in the coal mine. Scientists have proved that shungite naturally shields us from EMF, it neutralizes up to 90% of the harmful electromagnetic waves around. Using shungite products, such as the Suson Energy Protection Pillow, you will shield yourself, your family and your close ones from this danger. The Benefits The benefits of shungite are plentiful, including:
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune boosting
  • Toxin neutralization properties.
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Purify and structure drinking water
  • Protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Neutralizes harmful radiation emitted by:
    • Computers
    • Cell Phones
    • TV’s
    • Lights
    • Household Appliances
    • Cars
  • Purifies and structures drinking water.
  • Removes negative vibrations
  • Ease’s anxiety
  • Ease’s insomnia
  • Ease’s acne
Shungite is an excellent energy conductor that helps to balance and harmonize the energies within us. Because of its electricity-conducting properties, it is suitable as an amplifier in meditation and other spiritual practices. If you are working on focusing your mental energy toward a specific goal, shungite can act as a conductor of your energy, and drive it more strongly toward your desired outcome. How Do I Use it? Using the Energy Protection Pillows from Suson Essentials is so very easy. I use them all over the home, car, work and when I am out walking around.  Shungite will not stop your devices from working well, it will neutralize the effects of the radiation.  That is what you want and need to support homeostasis in your body. The Bedroom First, I would like to say if you have a TV in your bedroom, it is a good idea to move your TV to another room.   Computers and cellphones should not be where you sleep either.  That is an easy way to reduce your EMF toxic load. Then to neutralize the effects of the remaining EMFs, put the Energy Protection Pillows between the mattress and the box spring.   I also sleep with one under my pillow at night and sometimes place it on my chest or abdomen.   I want to make sure that my gut and lungs are protected.
Energy Protection Pillow mattress
I put my energy protection pillows between my mattress and boxspring
Walking Outside Don’t laugh, but I still use a fanny pack. That is where I put my Energy Protection Pillow.  But you can put them in a jacket pocket, pants pocket, purse, duffle bag or anywhere the pillow will fit.  I even created a smaller size pair of pillows (2×2) which is perfect for sneaking these in your bra or front pockets.  With 5G towers going up and the other harmful EMFs, staying protected inside and outside the home is so important.
Energy Protection Pillows in the Pocket
Energy Protection Pillows fit easily in your pockets
 Studying Staying mentally acute is a struggle today.  Keep your brain protected.  Use the Energy Protection pillow on your lap or between the device and your body. When we have the cell phones and computers against our body, it will slow down the blood flow and the red blood cells will clump together. Keep the phone away from your head.  Think about the things that can happen if you slow down the blood circulation at your brain, pineal gland, eyes, etc.  The brain is your most important organ.  Treat it that way. Hardwire your phone or use your speaker phone.
I use my Energy Protection Pillows when I use my cell phone
Studying With the Energy Protection Pillow
When I read or work, I use my Energy Protection Pillows

The History

Ancient Mineral Shungite
Ancient Mineral Shungite
 Shungite, an ancient stone, is often referred to as “the medicine of the 21st century”. But its roots go much further back in history! It is believed to be two billion years old and to date been mainly found in the Karelia region of Russia where it has been used for healing. It is mostly composed of carbon, the only natural mineral that contains fullerenes. The cool thing is, along with fullerenes, shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table.
The cool thing is, along with fullerenes, shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table.
The origin of shungite is a mystery. Typically, materials made of carbon come from decayed organic substances like old forests. But the stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet. Some theories of shungite’s origins include:
  • A large meteorite collided into Earth and deposited shungite into the ground
  • Shungite formed due to microorganisms in nearby water
  • the composition of organic matter in sedimentary rocks changed over time
Although scientists are unsure of how shungite was formed or where it came from, they attribute the stone’s potential benefits to its fullerene content. For more information feel free to contact us at , 847-738-0242 or read some of the cited sources below.


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