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Food Sensitivity Session


Discover the root causes of your food sensitivities with our personalized food sensitivity session. Gain valuable insights into your body’s unique responses and learn how to make informed dietary choices for optimal health and wellness.

Harmonization of the bioenergetic field in case of food sensitivities. Bioenergetic fostering of food
tolerance in concert with the adjoining trauma – reset of the neural network of the brain using
precision sound frequency. Energetic support to help the body repair from food upsets, disturbances
and intolerances.


One should always bear in mind that one’s own active participation in their own health choices, as
well as one’s own positive intention, can have a very positive influence on the effect of the programs.
Reason being that it is possible for our mind to influence matter. In this way, the positive effects of the
frequencies can have an energetic effect more easily.