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23 Quotes to Inspire Greatness

Every successful person has barriers and challenges to overcome. Here are words of wisdom from 23 women who know what it takes.

What does success mean to you? When I ask new clients to talk to me about their definition of success, most are acutely aware that some measure of internal change is necessary to get them there. While they may not know the specifics of those shifts yet, they understand that, to be remarkable, barriers like fear and self-sabotage must be overcome. No one has ever said, “I just want to be good enough.”

Below are words of wisdom from twenty-three women, all contributing authors to the newly-released book Overcoming Mediocrity, who know what it takes to conquer these challenges and create a well balanced, happy, and successful life. I hope that some of them hit home for you as you strive to be the best you can be.

1. “We have found true success when the people who know us the best, respect us the most.” — Christie Ruffino

2. “Unless you puke, faint or die… keep going!” — Mikaila Soto

3. “From life’s challenges comes opportunities for learning and growth; it’s up to you how you deal with them.” — Lisa Rex road

4. “Surround yourself by leaders and you’ll become one.” — Andrea Trovato

5. “We must learn to be comfortable with delayed gratification to resist the things that hold short-term gain but bring long-term pain.” — Courtney Powell

6. “Many women have created a self-limiting belief by convincing themselves they are anything but uncommon or extraordinary because they believe there is no headline to their story; no breaking news; no here’s what’s trending.” — Jane Bishop

7. “True power lies in our ability to be whole within ourselves. This is how we make a difference. This is how we start a revolution of inclusion.” — Renee Raville

8. “Adversity causes some to break and others to break records.” — Nicole Michelle

9. “The power in giving yourself permission provides you with the freedom to believe more, achieve more and receive more.” — Sarah Gleeson

10. “Selling is not about scripts, it’s not about tactics, at the heart of every sale is inspiration and once an entrepreneur really gets this – everything turns around in business.” — Moira Ní Ghallachóir

11. “You get to feel your feelings, not live your feelings.” — LoriAnne Reeves

12. “If we never found hope in our trials we would never know the victory of triumph. Hope is truly the anchor to the soul.” — Jen Coffel & Kimberly Bavilacqua

13. “Face your fears and embrace what’s next!” — Nichole Santoro

14. “Most people do not get to lead a life with a perfect roadmap. When we accept a change in our roadmap with joy and a desire to adapt, we can truly create freedom and happiness.” — Margie Goliak

15. “Never give up, do what you have to do, even if you stumble, never give up.” — Sue Giannin

16. “Life challenges are a divine course adjustment to alert us that it is time to choose what is next in our unique journey.” — Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

17. “Women, accelerate your career by judiciously building inspiring connections, knowledge, and resources.” — Deborah Knight

18. “The point in life is to learn to be Ok with falling down, and to keep standing back up and re-collecting those marbles.” — Andrea Banke

19. “We accomplish great things and make mistakes that teach important life lessons. It is important to get through each struggle with a happy, thankful heart, and to have faith in ourselves and others.” — Lisa Oddo

20. “When you don’t know what to do, believe that God does!” — Gina Sannasardo

21. “The interesting thing is that all the answers are within you.” — Marianna Gueuther

22. “I have overcome mediocrity over and over again in a man’s world.” — Sheri Sauer

23. “I want to save 76 lives today, informed choices matter, your life matters.” — Jodi L. Suson

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