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Eliminate toxins and adopt a food-as-medicine mindset

You may be familiar with that old nutritional bit of grocery store wisdom: shop the perimeter.

In other words, stick to whole foods—fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy—and avoid the hyper-processed consumables that dominate the middle aisles of your supermarket.

It’s solid advice. Oversimplified, but a good starting point for anyone looking to improve her nutrition. It’s when you decide to dig deeper that things tend to get complicated.

Spend any time in the online world of wellness and you may feel intimidated by the terminology—microbiome, glycemic index—and uncertain about the right dietary approach. Keto? Paleo? Whole 30? What about cleansing, fasting, juicing? Whole grains or no grains? Let’s not even get started on gluten! Food facts swarm you, and you start to feel like a student cramming for an exam: walnuts are good for brain health, vitamin C aids iron absorption, dairy causes inflammation. Wait, what? Milk is on the perimeter!

Just like that, the simple act of eating suddenly seems anything but simple. It’s enough to make you want to give up.


If you’re reading this, you’re likely seeking a path to wellness. Maybe you’re healthy and committed to staying that way—good for you! Or, as is often the case, your body may already be telling you something isn’t right. Make no mistake, you should listen.

But how?

You can certainly go it alone. I did, for years. But it wasn’t until I sought guidance from experts in the fields of nutrition and wellness that I began to truly understand this transformational truth: food is medicine. At least it can be, once you adopt the right mindset.

That’s what my Functional Food Program is all about. Helping you adopt the right mindset. Helping you detoxify your body. Helping you break old hurtful habits and forge nourishing new ones. Helping you avoid wasting time. (Details here)

The path to wellness can meander and be filled with pitfalls. Trust me. But it can also be remarkably short.

In just eight virtual sessions—four focused on navigating your grocery store, four tailored to your health needs—I will share with you what has taken me twenty years to learn. Together we will develop a nutrition plan designed to help you overcome whatever challenges or symptoms you face, from diabetes and obesity to brain fog and chronic inflammation. By pinpointing and eliminating toxins from your life and diet, you may quickly feel an elevated sense of alertness and improved digestion, reassuring signs that you’re on the right path.

Please know we don’t promote diets; we promote lifestyle—specifically finding one that works for you. And while Suson Essentials does sell products we believe in, we will never pressure you to buy a single one. In fact, we will give you several as a gift for enrolling.

I spent twenty years to get to where I am on my path. You don’t have to. But spend twenty minutes this week. That’s how long my phone consultations last. They’re free. They’re painless. And when it’s over, you may very well be ready to step onto your own path.

Until then, be well.




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