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Emotion Healing & Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella Oil


Citronella is potent for/at repelling unwanted invaders from the body and energy field. While it’s best to try and avert invasion or contamination from harmful organisms or energies, it is not always possible.Citronella also assists individuals in expelling undesirables once they have been established.

The invitation from Citronella is to carefully observe what an individual is allowing into their physical, mental, and emotional space and to choose more consciously what they allow into their lives. It reminds that small weeds grow quickly when left unattended.

Citronella is especially helpful when individuals have been unconsciously allowing little irritations and judgments to build up over time. Recurring negative thoughts and reactions accumulate and stagnate in various parts of the body causing havoc. Citronella challenges the individual to reckon with their addiction to feeling agitated and annoyed. It assists in breaking the energetic cycle of constant irritation and teaches how to release these degrading states so they don't continue to prey on the individual’s life force.

SOURCE: Essential Emotions 8Th Edition

Primary Benefits

  • Citronella essential oil repels pests naturall
  • Citronella essential oil cleans surfaces
  • Citronella essential oil provides an uplifting and stress-reducing aroma
  • Citronella essential oil soothes skin and scalp

Sourced from the leaves of a tall grass native to Asia, Citronella essential oil offers a crisp, fresh aroma. A powerful pest repellent, Citronella essential oil helps keep creepy crawlers out of the house and off your skin and clothing, masking the human fragrances that insects find appealing. It’s an ideal companion for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Chemical components in Citronella essential oil include citronellal and geraniol, which are good for cleaning surfaces in and outside the home. When diffused, Citronella oil promotes a happy, positive aroma. When applied topically, it can be soothing to the skin and scalp.

Fun Fact

It takes approximately 3.5 pounds of citronella plant matter to produce a 15 mL bottle of Citronella essential oil.*

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Irritated, judgmental, invaded, overrun, undiscerning, stagnant

POSITIVE PROPERTIES: Averting, discerning, forgiving, releasing, repelling dōTERRA

COMPANION OILS: Lemongrass, Lemon Eucalyptus, Forgive®, Thyme, Cardamom


Aromatic: Inhale from bottle, diffuse, or place drops in hand, rub, and inhale.

Topical: Dilute 1-2 drops with carrier oil and apply on bottom of feet. Environmental: Add several drops into spray bottle and mist around home.


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