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Emotion Healing & Clove Essential Oil

Clove Oil


Clove supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality. Victims feel overly influenced by other people and outside circumstances. They perceive themselves as powerless to change their life situations. Clove helps individuals stand up for themselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making their own choices, regardless of others.

Clove assists individuals in letting go of patterns of self-betrayal and codependency by reconnecting them with their personal integrity. It builds up appropriate boundaries and defenses. Clove gives pushovers the courage to say “no.” It reignites the inner fire and encourages individuals to stand up for themselves. It can assist when there has been a history of weakened boundaries caused by mistreatment, exploitation, repeated traumatic or compromising experiences. Clove is helpful in breaking free of these patterns by restoring an individuals' sense of self and helping them regain the strength needed to advocate for their right to self-containment and protection.

SOURCE: Essential Emotions 8Th Edition

Primary Benefits

  • Clove essential oil helps clean the teeth and gums.
  • Clove oil may provide powerful antioxidant benefits when taken internally.
  • Clove essential oil helps support healthy digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems when consumed.

Intensely aromatic when diffused or used in cooking, Clove essential oil is warm, woody, spicy, and sweet. It’s traditionally been used in dental products, candies, and gum for its flavor and mouth-cleansing properties. According to preclinical research, Clove essential oil can help maintain healthy digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems when ingested because of its main chemical constituents: eugenol and β-caryophyllene.* Preclinical testing also indicates it may also support healthy inflammatory and oxidative stress responses when taken internally.* Dilute Clove oil it with Fractionated Coconut Oil to enhance an invigorating, energizing massage or blend it with Cinnamon Bark for a festive holiday aroma.

Fun Fact

Clove gets its name from the Latin word clavus, meaning “nail.” This is a fitting name, as the buds of clove resemble small tacks or nails.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Victim mentality, defeated, dominated, enslaved, fear of rejection, intimidated, controlled, codependent

POSITIVE PROPERTIES: Empowered, clear boundaries, protected, courageous, independent, capable, proactive, integrity

COMPANION OILS: Ginger, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Coriander



Aromatic: Inhale from bottle or diffuse.

Topical: Dilute 1 drop or less with carrier oil and apply on bottom
of feet or over sacral chakra (lower stomach). NOTE: Dilute and/or use caution when applying topically.

Internal: Take 1-2 drops under the tongue, in a capsule, or in water.


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