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Measure Inflammation

I advocate for a few companies that I feel put our best interest at heart. Cell Science Systems​ is one of those companies. http://Cell Science Systems

Food Sensitivity Testing

When I took the Alcat Food Sensitivity Test, and learned what foods, specific to my body, caused inflammation, I was able to shed the weight, a total of 92 pounds, quickly. The article “Watching What You Put in Your Mouth Can Reduce Health Care Spending More Than Politicians” by Wendell Potter of the Huffington Post, highlights the benefits and references a Yale Study. 

All Bodies are Not Created Equal

Everyone’s body is uniquely different. Foods that naturally fight inflammation for most of the population, may not fight inflammation in your body. Case in point, garlic, strawberries, olive oil and kale cause inflammation in my body. Actually, there were 135 different foods that caused inflammation in my body. For most of the community, this may not be the case. However…… 

Unexplained Pain, Brain Fog? Connect the dots….

If you have tried eating clean, and you cannot lose weight, or you still have brain fog, unexplained pain, insomnia, IBS, and you want to get to the root cause.  Food Sensitivity testing that measures inflammation, opposed to exposure, will allow you to connect the dots. Consumer beware, tests that measure EXPOSURE – can be misleading.   To learn more, you can reach out to Jodi Suson at

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