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My Personal Story About Unfiltered Water

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A Glimpse at My Personal Story

Understanding the Impact of My Water Supply

I started using ProOne water Tap and Shower filters back in 2014.  I became disabled December 2013.  I immediately started to feel better.  Personally, my eyes and skin did not itch when I took a shower.  But there were other changes too.  I had significantly less body pain (A biopsy showed that I had small fiber neuropathy, all over nerve pain, at that point in time – which is now asymptomatic going on 5 years).  The brain fog that I had dissipated greatly and coupled with other lifestyle changes, brain fog was no longer a daily occurrence.  Also, my stress levels were lower.

Plot Twist!

In 2017, I had started working again and I moved. I lost my shower filter and needed to get a new one. Spoiler, all filters are not created equal.  Unbeknownst to me, I ordered the shower filter from a different company that did not remove the fluoride from the water.  Within a few days, all my pain came back, I was stressed out and irritable.

I called the  water filter company and asked them “how do you remove the fluoride.”  The answer was – “we don’t.” At that time, I got a return authorization number, sent it back, and made sure that I was using the best shower filter that I could find.

Chrome Shower Head Filter
ProMax Countertop (Single Stage)

I now offer these water filters to you.  I take this shower filter and the tap filter with me when I travel and I install it in minutes at the hotel room or at my friends house.  It only takes a moment to install.  Literally, a moment.  You deserve to spend a moment on your health too! I can offer you a free 20 minute consult to learn more. 

If you get the picture and want to buy one now, please use this link.

Give Yourself and Others the Gift of Vitality and Health~

P.S. Get a Free Download of my Story “Informed Choices”


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