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Aulterra Heart Energy Pendant



A beautiful pendant with a purpose The Aulterra Heart Energy Pendant is (20mm x 20mm x 10mm thick) and helps to eliminate the harmful effects of EMF radiation (including 5G) along with the many other added benefits that help to correct the carcinogenic effect of positive ionic direction (ionic exchange rate). The Aulterra Heart Energy Pendant provides many benefits including: Restructuring of the Bio-field to its natural state. Promotes balance of the body meridians. Neutralizes EMF radiation from internal body systems restoring the natural unwinding and rewinding of DNA. Retunes ambient EMF’s in and around the body. The Aulterra Heart Energy Pendant is perfect for pets, women, and children.  The Heart Energy Pendants ships with a Lobster Clasp and ½-inch split ring to connect to a pet collar and/or be used as a personal charm along with a black nylon rope to be used as a necklace. Reproducible tests prove that Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products retune the EMF frequencies of cell phones and other electronic devices into coherent energy. Once the frequencies are converted, they no longer do harm to your DNA. The secret of Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products lies in the proprietary paramagnetic minerals found in all our products.


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