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BAUD RENTAL – Precision Sound Frequency


A client who is suffering from addiction, and others issues that we all have from time to time…anxiety or depression, stress, will highly benefit from the BAUD. 

During the session, you get to find a comfortable place to sit and put on a pair of earphones. This is all about self-care.  So, people can do this on their own or they can ask for the support of a coach at Suson Essentials or your mental health practitioner.  While wearing the BAUD, they can either think or write about what makes them nervous, anxious or depressed, which can be the feelings that lead up to drug, alcohol, nicotine or food abuse.  This is most effective when people stay heart centered. 

The BAUD delivers sound waves based upon drumming which puts the brain in a theta state. One frequency intensifies the feelings, while the other frequency disrupts them. This allows the you to reset the neural network of the brain and set it back to baseline,.  You will be less symptomatic meaning that your will respond to situations instead of reacting and being triggered by situations. 

BAUD RENTAL : Bio Acoustical Utilization Device: reduce stress and anxiety using white noise, or sound frequency. Wear the headsets, listen to sound frequency, let go of what is holding on to you. Let go of fear, anger, stress, anxiety, replace with peace. Please watch this video so you can know what to do.

Free digital “Quick Start Guide” and “Manual” and “Accountability Checklist”  with Rental. Click Here to download. Free Video Training.  Paid training available virtually and in person.

The BAUD has shown effective symptom reduction on 3 main types of problems:

  • Emotional issues, from severe phobias and PTSD to everyday anxieties. Conquer the Fear of Flying
  • Cravings or urges: food cravings, substance abuse, unwanted urges of all types. Ask Dr. Phil!
  • Chronic pain of all types. Learn how to manage and destroy chronic pain.

Rentals are limited to the GEORGIA area


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