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BAUD Session – Unattended – 20 Min Session


What symptoms has the BAUD been effective with? 

People have experienced reduction on 3 main types of problems:Emotional issues: from severe phobias and PTSD to everyday anxieties. Conquer the Fear of Flying

Cravings or urges: food cravings, substance abuse, unwanted urges of all types.

Resetting the Fear Switch in PTSD: A unique method of Reconsolidation Enhancement by Stimulation of Emotional Triggers (RESET Therapy) is described here, which combines neuroacoustical stimulation with patient recall of traumatic memories. The therapy goal is to reset emotional memory circuits to pre-trauma levels during the reconsolidation experience. See the article.

The Baud Has Supported me  with PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, addictions, allergies and food sensitivities – You Can Reset the Switch – Jodi Suson, CEO, Suson Essentials 

BAUD: Bio Acoustical Utilization Device: reduce stress and anxiety (white noise) in 20 minute session. Wear the headsets, listen to sound frequency, let go of what is holding on to you. Let go of fear, anger, stress, anxiety, replace with peace. Please watch this video so you can know what to do. This is an session where you will receive guidance.


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