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Light Therapy – Photobiomodulation Therapy



We love this new term because it perfectly describes how Light Therapy works:

Balancing Biology with Photons!

Light is a nutritional component.  As living tissue ages it becomes deficient in electrons to power the cells.  When we shine specific wavelengths of light on the body, it penetrates deeply enough to provide these electrons (in the form of photons) directly to the cells.   These photons trigger a series of bio-chemical reactions – most importantly restarting cellular respiration.

The easiest way to explain the benefits of Light is to keep it simple.  While there are, of course, a host of biological processes that occur when the right wavelength of light is applied to the body, the short list is as follows …

Therapeutic Light:

  • Lowers Pain
  • Increases Circulation
  • Speeds Healing
  • Activates Acupoints

Of course, there are many ways that Therapeutic Light has been scientifically proven to affect the body, but the list above is really the key to helping overcome almost every imbalance!  This holds true for all living species.  Whether applying lights to humans, horses, dogs, cats or even elephants, the benefits remain the same.

We accept HSA and FSA Cards.

Light Therapy – Photobiomodulation Therapy

Experience the power of light for just $30 per 20-minute session. Rejuvenate your body and mind with cellular repair and relaxation. Try it now for transformative wellness! We accept HSA and FSA Cards.

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