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Running in 3 ½ Weeks After A Torn Meniscus – No Surgery

Andrew BEMER Story


Andrew 10K 2nd fastest

Overcoming Mediocrity

My husband Andrew is a runner, who runs four to five times a week. A few years ago, while running, Andrew hurt his left knee so bad he could not walk and had to limp back home. At the time, he did not know what exactly had happened to his knee, but he could not walk or run without extreme pain.  

Thinking About A Torn Meniscus Differently


Andrew BEMER Story

Upon getting an MRI done, Andrew learned there was a torn meniscus. Torn meniscuses are often times repaired by surgery. However, instead of getting the surgery done, Andrew decided to try something different. At the time, he and his wife, Jodi had just gotten a new device called the BEMER. The BEMER is a PEMF device (pulse electromagnetic frequency). The system includes a BMAT which helps the whole body by supporting cellular regeneration, increasing micro-circulation by 33% and nutrient absorption by 37%; a B. spot can be used on your knee, elbow, wrist or a particular area on your back – the B.Spot is designed for targeted treatment of small, individual body regions. Hold it to the area in question or attach it using the fixing strap.

Andrew used the BEMER B.Spot consistently approximately four times a day and it helped his knees regenerate and heal itself. .  Andrew used the B-Spot several times a day. Consistent use allowed for cellular regeneration to occur. Andrew got back to running without any discomfort after just 3 ½ weeks. 

 Letting the Body Heal Itself – Multi-modal Approach 



Andrew uses a multi-modal approach for health. He works with his brain first, when he is in pain, using essential oils to keep his brain out of ‘fight or flight’ . He likes using dōTERRA’s Console and Forgive to be in a state of ‘rest and digest’. Whenever we bump an elbow or knee (or something worse), we find ourselves upset. Our brains tend not to process very well when we are upset. Many of us become angry at our bodies for getting in the way of our agenda. Whenever Andrew finds himself having these emotions, he immediately uses dōTERRA Console and Forgive Essential oil. He would rub it on the palms of his hands and breathes in deep through his nose and mouth. It typically takes 20 seconds for the aroma to get into the limbic system and bring him out of “fight or flight” and into “rest and digest”.  The limbic system is the emotional center of the brain and there are documented high levels of neural activity when we become emotional.  Aromatherapy is by far the easiest way we know of to calm down during unforeseen situations.   

Next,  Andrew uses dōTERRA’s Peace essential oil  to support a state of homeostasis which is a great place for self-healing.  He also used Lavender oil for relief of discomfort and, dōTERRA’s Frankincense oil for cellular repair and Coconut oil , a carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin, making it an ideal oil for topical delivery.  

Console and Franincense eo

 Drug Free and Surgery Free Easy Healing 

Within three and a half weeks of using the PEMF healing — the BEMER, paired with the other natural methods, nutrition and oils,  Andrew let his torn meniscus heal itself. He transitioned  from being unable to walk without excruciating discomfort – and now is running  full speed without any interference. It has been almost three years since Andrew tore his meniscus and Andrew now runs twice as far as he used to before the tear.  On an average  day, he was running 2.5 miles.  Now he runs on average 4-5 miles and has tipped the scale at  over 7.0 miles.  That’s amazing! 

Reclaim Your Time, Money & Health 

Being able to let the body heal itself without the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals and surgery is a tremendous gift. The deductible for Surgery and the drugs are expensive.   

 For Andrew, he chose the BEMER, a lifetime investment.  We both use it twice each day to let his body rejuvenate and perform better.  


In addition to saving money, Andrew saved his time, a precious gift of life that we can never get back. He felt that surgery can come with complications and time commitments that he was not willing to experience.  Not to mention that the pharmaceuticals contribute to a leaky gut that can take months to repair. 

The exciting news is that in most situations, you can use the BEMER before or after surgery– if surgery is your only choice for your concern.  

 There are plenty of post-surgery improvement stories and many of the western and alternative  doctors are excited to learn how quickly users have been able to let the body heal itself post-surgery by using BEMER, Essential Oils and the right nutrients.  Using a multimodal approach has been the path that Suson Essentials has found most effective.   

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Authors: Jodi Suson-Calhoun and Andrew T. Calhoun


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