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Speed Healing – 7 Day Easy Recovery #PEMF #Nutrition #EssentialOils

BEMER Story 7 day


Imagine you are giving a presentation to a group of people.  You are standing… and the flowy wide leg pants that you are wearing are just a little too long.  As you are walking, you trip on those wide leg pants and are catapulted into the edge of a thick glass door and split your ear open.

Most people would have gone to the ER for stitches.  If you know anything about me, you will know that I am not like most people.  I think out of the box.  One of the big things I believe in is my body’s ability to heal itself without the use of synthetics.  That’s right. I choose plant and energy-based healing.

Console and Franincense eo


So, let’s start with the plants. 

First, I used dōTERRA’s Console Essential oil to get my brain out of fight or flight. It has patchouli and rose and there are studies to support that statement.  Remember, I just kissed a glass door at high speed. The cut was deep.  Then I used internally, Frankincense Essential Oil and topically I applied dōTERRA’s correct-X.  Correct-X is my plant-based replacement for Neosporin.  I took a few drops of Frankincense each day for 5 days in a veggie cap to support cellular repair.  The Correct-X supported cellular repair and kept me infection free.  In addition, I added a variety of mushroom powders to my dandelion coffee and smoothies to amp up my nutrition.

Jodi on BEMER

The Secret Sauce – BEMER

Then I added my Secret Sauce, PEMF device, the BEMER.  BEMER supports your vitality and wellbeing by enhancing local blood flow, waste removal nutrition and oxygen delivery and much more.  Blood flow is the key to let the body heal itself.   Pair optimal blood flow with proper plant based nutrition and you have yourself a recipe for easy recovery.  This is just one of many examples.

I say the proof is in the pudding.  In this case, the proof is in the pictures that I took each day for 7 days.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

BEMER Story 7 day

If you are not getting the results you want with your health, I invite you to reach out to me to learn more.  Choose the EASY way to let the body heal itself.   In the long run, I have simplified my life, reduced or eliminated the guesswork, and lived life on my own terms.  I no longer run to the hospital or doctors office with  a complaint.  Instead I continue down the path of nutrient dense foods,  plant amd energy based solutions to fuel my health and my mission.

Contact: Jodi Suson-Calhoun or Andrew Calhoun today. 



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