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The Buzz Surrounding Gravity Filter Products

ProOne G2.0 gravity filters
If You Are Not Filtering Your Water, You Are The Filter

This is a communication from the CEO of ProOne Water Filters that addresses the BUZZ surrounding gravity filter products.  I am grateful that ProOne has always been so transparent about their filters, focused on third party testing and has provided me and the community that I serve the best possible filters on the market.

Recently we have been notified about some buzz surrounding the gravity filter products that are on the market today.  And rightly so, are receiving numerous phone calls and emails with questions on our ProOne G2.0 gravity filters.  I would like to reach out here on our website to discuss our ProOne G2.0 gravity filters and help answer some questions.

First and foremost, we don’t just call our filter CERTIFIED, we back it up with an official NSF/ANSI-42 Component Certification. Visit NSF to view our actual certification listing (link to their website is listed below).  This certification gives you the information that unlike our competitors, our filters have been tested and CERTIFIED that no harmful or toxic compounds that leach out of our filters.

What does this mean?

This means all of the components used, and the creation process for our G2.0 Gravity filters have gone through the full NSF process and certification to create a filter for our customers that not only reduce contaminates, but do not leach any new compounds into your water.

Secondly, I’m here to assure you that our filters are original and there are no, and never have been, generic equivalents to our CERTIFIED ProOne G2.0 gravity filters.  In fact we have made and kept the sizing of our filters, in four different sizes, to not only fit in our gravity products but in other manufacturer’s products as an alternative choice for customers looking for a specific set of contaminate reduction.

In addition, we’ve gone one step further and have had our ProOne G2.0 gravity series filters tested by an independent CERTIFIED lab to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, P474 and P231 standards. You can find the actual published lab report on our website for your viewing. See the link below. Our testing continues and has been done at up to 200 gallons of “spiked” contaminated water to give us a reasonable representation on the performance of the filter. The up to 1,000 gallon rating depending on the size of the ProOne G2.0 filter in question, is based on laboratory testing and may be subject to change depending on your specific water chemistry.

Know what Is Being Removed From Your Water?

Transparency is something that we feel is very important

Transparency is something that we feel is very important as a company to convey to the consumer.  For the friends, families, and communities that use our water filters (or are thinking of switching over) we are here to give you the best information and comfort that we can and are available via phone, email or LiveChat to answer any questions.  Clean drinking water is something we pride ourselves on through our products,  And these matters and emerging concerns are not something that should be left without a response for our valued current customers as well as future customers.

We sincerely hope this brings comfort with all of the talk and confusion out there when it comes to certified filters, true results, and your clean drinking water.

Steven Steinway

CEO, Innovator of ProOne Products -ProOne Water Filters

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